he’s so handsome and witty and charming

Well he is! I fell for it, didn’t I. So did the ones before me. So did the mother of his daughter.
Did you know he had a daughter? He does. On his Plenty Of Fish dating profile, he states, “no children. Undecided/open to having children. Looking for a relationship.”
Now, how is a woman who might get into a relationship with him and consider having his children, not going to find out about the one he already has?
I’ll tell you.
That is because he isn’t really interested in a relationship. He is interested in tricking a woman into thinking he wants one so that she will think he loves her, and so that she will fall in love with him.
Want to know why?

THIS is why…
and THIS…
and THIS…

to his friends.


This page, like all others, is a work in progress and likely to be updated and added to regularly.

I have quite a lot of things to say to you people.

But for now, I can only wonder how the hell anybody can observe the things this man does, and listen to the things he says, and not notice how they don’t match.

How you can hang around with him and not notice what a pathetic childish princess he is, how he talks about “holistic natural healing” of his alleged “brain injury” but drinks like a fish, which you should all know is the MAIN thing that he should stop if he is serious about healing,  whilst he uses the injury as a crutch and excuse for his permanent pity party, all the while accusing ME of trying to garner pity by telling the truth about his crimes.

His parasitic nature….his sex addiction…..his absence of moral compass…..how (and why) he has no interaction with his daughter…..how he talks about his love (or whatever) for this woman, KJ, but is not with her, yet is blocked by her from her FB page….I could go on and on.

Are you somehow unaware that these things are not normal? That people who do these things are not right?

I am always saddened and amazed when I find myself having to explain basic morality and normal acceptable behavior to full grown adults.

How you can listen to the things he says about me and not question them without ever having met me. Do you really think that I am making it all up, or do you simply think that what he did wasn’t that bad and that I should just let it slide?

I want not pity, and never have, as I am a strong self reliant woman and have kept myself in work and living my entire life. I want TRUTH and JUSTICE, and if you people are so lazy, stupid and ignorant that you cannot see what a scumbag he is or simply think that he is amusing, and that what he did was acceptable, then you are just as much of a scumbag as he is. Go and kill yourself.

More to come….but in the meantime, THIS

sex addiction.

failuresWhy is he all of a sudden emailing me, after all this time?

He has been fucking every skank and slut that crosses his path, apparently, and this is the life he wanted, it’s what he thinks will make him happy.

He is a sex addict, basically. He likes to look at porn and advertise himself as a man-whore on Craigslist, offering himself as a third partner for a swinging couple and that sort of thing.

The reason he is contacting me, is because he is chasing the dragon. It doesn’t matter how much sex he has, it will never compare to sex with me.

That is because I was so, so, so much in love with him, and nothing compares to making real love with a woman who is truly and honestly giving her heart and soul to a man.

He will never, ever feel that again, as long as he lives.

Unless, of course, he can con some unfortunate female into falling in love with him, like he did to me.

But I am going to do my very best to make sure that never happens again.

Addendum: Soon, I will be examining and publishing the details regarding his theory that he adheres to which basically goes like this: because he is a walking hard-on and a slave to his sexual urges who goes around mounting everything, that this somehow renders him spiritually superior and more “advanced” and a “higher vibration” than me….despite the fact that traditional Tantric teachings regard promiscuity to be the hallmark of one who is jammed up in their lower chakras.
I’m going to have a field day with that one.



His standard answer when anybody asks him about me is, “oh, she’s crazy.”
Well, maybe I am. So what? Is it really relevant?
The real question isn’t whether I am crazy or not, it’s whether I am LYING or not.

But since he brings it up, let’s examine….and decide who, exactly, really is crazy.
After all, this is a person who is the owner of no less than five separate Facebook profiles, (that I know of), which he refers to as “the selves”, and which have even been known to hold conversations with each other.
He talks about himself (themselves) in the 3rd person. This is called “illeism” and is a dead giveaway of mental illness.
He considers his propensity for putting his dick into everything that moves, to be evidence of his “godhood” and actually considers himself to be a “god”.
He loses his job and/or living situation roughly every six months, on average. This is about how long he can hold together an appearance of sanity before he comes unglued.
When I informed him of KJ’s (the woman he is obsessed with) note to me stating her feelings about him and her opinion of him, he ran off and lived naked in the woods for three days, covering himself in blackberry juice and fishing from a pond with his bare hands. When I finally saw him, he told me “well she must be controlled by the Illuminati” because once he saw her wearing a shirt covered in “Illuminati symbols” and that “somebody else must be her handler” and that had to be why she didn’t want him, couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that he is a mentally unstable, alcoholic loser at all…..

This is just what I can think of off the top of my head this morning. Give me a minute or two, and I will recall much more.
I am also working on an open letter to all of his “friends” AKA Flying Monkeys. You people are delusional, and disgusting.

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emotional rape.

I have never felt so violated in my entire life.
If he had tried to use force, I would have had a chance to fight back. But there is no defense against a liar.

Here is some information about rape by deception, rape by fraud, and emotional rape.




abusive relationships.

I’m sick and tired of them. I got a twofer. First Luke, then Ivan. I’m done. My health is failing and my heart is broken.
When my husband died, his gift to me was setting me free. After some years,  I began to miss him and what we had together, and yearn for the hope of home and family again. He was a such a strong, kind, and generous man. I wanted to find another like him.
So I went looking for a husband. Which is not the best way to find one, apparently. I wasn’t looking when I found Marcus. Quite the opposite, in fact…I was enrolled in the winery maintenance mechanic training program at SRJC when he appeared on my doorstep. But I digress.
What I found and have been dealing with ever since are two of the three abusive men I have had in my life. My sisters’ father being the other one, but he’s now dead and gone.
First Luke,
then Ivan.
Well, now, I’m done.